Camouflage systems

Multispectral camouflage nets

Multispectral camouflage nets Multispectral camouflage nets

This group of products is intended for camouflage of mobile and stationary objects in the visible, infrared (near, medium, far), and microwave regions.

Camouflage nets have a modular structure, which enables the operator to achieve the required size by using different configurations.

They are delivered in three basic designs (summer, winter, and desert), supplemented with a number of special alternatives. A complete set includes an anchoring hardware, deforming and supporting elements according to its size and purpose of use.

Construction and function

The multispectral camouflage net is made of a cover textile fixed to a carrying net with clips.

Principle of camouflage effect:

Detail of  the front side Detail of the back side

  • visual region - three-dimensional assembly of the leaf structure,
  • infrared region - reduction of thermal contrast to a background using a material with low thermal capacity and efficient assembly of the cover textile
  • microwave region - absorption and diffusion of an incidence wave to a background level

Distance 50 m

Distance 500 m

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